I’m Back! – 3 Month Recap

Yeah, it’s been a few months since my last entry. So lets start things off with January.


-Early January, I went to a winery with my mom, Jasmine, Brian, and Sam. We visited                      V. Sattui and Castlello Di Amorosa (the Castle Winery).
-January 13th was Jasmines birthday so Joanna and I took her to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.
-the 22nd was a playoff game for the 49ers, went to my cousins house but they lost 😦 .
-Remember my dead nail, It finally fell off and it looked gross. Don’t worry, no picture of that here.


-Jasmine went to the hospital for an appointment, They told her to stay and induced labor. Couple days later, Elena Rose Shuckerow was born.
-Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 3D came out and I watched the midnight show with Lovella, Patrick, and his brother. I got some cool Darth Maul 3D glasses.
-For Joanna’s birthday and Valentines day, I gave her a Italian Glass Necklace which she loved.



-Joanna and I went to Sonora, CA with some friends to stay at my friend Robin’s cabin.
-I got the app “Draw Something” Username- Crazyfoolalex. Play me!
-Finally started working again as a Living Sign “Person who waves a sign” At least it’s something for now.
-Joanna and I saw “The Lorax” and it was good. I liked it.
-Mikey got some free passes to see “American Reunion” a few weeks before it came out. We headed to Arden Fair in Sacramento. It was really good!


OK that’s it for now, come back in May when I talk about April and my birthday and stuff.


Holiday Season 2011 November & December

A lot of stuff happened to me these past two months. On Halloween I got my iPhone 4S after waiting almost a month. Plus I was going to my grandmas house almost everyday to clean up a room for my sister when she moves here to stay for a few months .

Joanna and myself went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I’ve never been there before and I have always wanted to go. So we drove down there and we had some unlimited ride passes from my Uncle Ronnie. We did a lot of stuff and walked around. I thought it would be bigger. I wanted to go in the water, but we didn’t really get a chance. They had this cool “Laser Maze” and I couldn’t resist going to that. So here is my video of that here:

Overall it was fun and I would want to go again. There is also a candy store there where they invented the original Chocolate Bacon. It was $14 for a small box so we didn’t get that, but I do want to try their version.

The next day was terrible… Me and Joanna were at Wal-Mart looking for some stuff. I found a $15 bookshelf so I put it in the cart. After we paid and on the way out, I had the bookshelf in its box and it was falling. So I decided I should stop it and BAM! Crushed my finger and it instantly bruised.

As I’m writing this on 12/30/11, It is completely black and the nail has raised up and is separated from the skin. When it was swelling up, it looked like a toe. There is black dead skin under my nail and it has just begun to chip off and it looks gross. Still waiting for the nail to fall off.



Thanksgiving I went to Beth’s house. It was nice and I had a good time and the food was good. Then it was time for Black Friday. So I decided to stay home instead of going out and waiting in lines. The only things I wanted were really cheap movies. I woke up in the late morning and went to Best Buy and I got what I wanted.

My dad found some old pictures while he was cleaning. When I was looking through them, I found some I liked and I uploaded them. Here is one of them:

My friend Osman was in medical school in the Caribbean and came back for winter break. I’ve been hanging out with him and I invited him to join Joanna, Sam, and myself to Global Winter Wonderland. It’s the first time this event was in the United States and it was at Great America’s parking lot. Here’s the entrance.

We had 2-for-1 tickets so we went and all the light displays were cool, but the entire thing was really small and it sucked. It was not worth it at all. We could see everything from the parking lot passed their “One Barbed Wire” security. So after we ate, we left that crappy place and went to the Great Mall to walk around.

For Christmas this year, the party was at my Uncle Ricky’s house. As usual all of us were there. I made some brownies with some red, green and white, mini chocolate chips. For Joanna’s present I bought her a really nice SF Giants On-Field Jacket with that gift card I won. I actually gave it to her earlier since she was looking for a jacket to buy, so I gave her the jacket early. She wanted something to open on Christmas so I bought a Shirt from the Disney Store. Joanna gave me a Zune AV pack, Batman Begins Blu-Ray (Didn’t have the Blu Ray), and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”. Mikey gave me “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. My cousin Michelle gave me some organic Chocolate and a metal Batman hanger she made. Finally, my Mom got me a SF Giants hat.

Couple days after Christmas, Brian was flying in since he couldn’t come down for Christmas. While we were waiting for him, it looked like someone else was waiting too…

To celebrate the end of 2011, Joanna and myself went up to Sacramento to meet with our friend Nikki. Joanna and Nikki made a resolution to see each other every month in 2011. And they are going to finish it when they first started it last year. We went to Nikki’s house and then we went downtown to go ice skating. After that, headed back to the house and watched “Bridesmaids”. Later that night we were on our way to old town sac to celebrate the new year. But on the way there Nikki had a family emergency and we decided to stay in for new years. We also stayed the night and the next day we watched the 49ers win and walk around the Arden Fair mall and then went home.

So what happened to me in October 2011…

Lets keep it short and sweet.

-That gift card I won finally came
-Cell phone contract ended so I got a new one and Ordered an iPhone 4S
-AT&T wouldn’t let me have any data (text, 3G, voicemail) on my old phone until I got my new phone. So that was lovely…
– Had a some interviews that month that weren’t that successful
-Went to IKEA for a bookshelf and a Wall mount at Fry’s for my TV (And my room looks a lot nicer by the way.)
-Watched the movies: Real Steel which was awesome!,
-Went to Katrina’s house for Luke’s birthday party
-Joanna and I went to Santa Cruz and I finally was able to go to the Boardwalk. (Thanks Uncle Ronnie for the 2 Unlimited Rides passes)
-On Halloween Joanna and I went to Dixon and traversed the Corn Maze which we vastly underestimated.
-After almost 3 1/2 weeks, My new iPhone finally came.

So that’s it for now and the November post will be much longer.


My September-2011 [Blog]

Earlier this month on Sunday the 4th, I woke up early and headed over to San Francisco. The SF Giants were the first team of the month to have their “Star Wars Day”. In September there were a bunch of different teams having a “Star Wars Day” and promoting “Stand Up to Cancer”. All the other teams giveaway’s was a t-shirt. Giants fans got this awesome Brian Wilson in Carbonite


Me and Joanna got there early to get our giveaway and check out the Star Wars pre-game stuff. Fans were dressed up as characters and some even did
Star Wars/Giants mashups like Vader, Boba Fett, and Stormtroopers with orange helmets.  After a while we went into the park and went to our seats. We got Club level seats in the Star Wars section because the website said to buy “Special tickets” to watch Empire Strikes Back after the game, but actually anyone could watch it.

These were good seats, I even sat next to a wookie! On the screen they had special stuff like a trailer for Star wars with Lou Seal in it and holograms of the players when they’re up to bat. The Umpires were escorted by Stormtroopers. Even though they lost the game it was still fun, and we got to watch Empire Strikes Back on the big screen which was cool and everyone reacted to the dramatic parts.

I’ve  been entering tons of different sweepstakes on Facebook recently. My sister Jasmine won a nice camera and something else from these things. So I figure I’d be worth a shot to enter some too. About 100+ entries later I got an email saying I won something. Most of the sweepstakes I entered was for an iPad or a kindle or something. When I actually read the email, It was for a gift card of over $2,500! Now that’s a damn good prize to win. At the time I’m writing this, I’m still waiting for it to be mailed to me. I’m going to use it for my phone bill for the next 2 years so if I don’t have a job, I could still have a phone. Maybe use a little of it for other things and Christmas presents.

I guess September was a Star Wars Month. Started off with Star Wars Day at the Giants game, the season 4 Premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiered the same day  I bought  Star Wars: The Complete Blu Ray. I got the 9 disc set for $80 at Best Buy with a free t-shirt and my mom bought it at Target and gave me the lithographs she got from there.

I just want to say to the people who complain about the new changes in the movies:
Get over it!

Sure I agree  in Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader Says “Noo!” was terrible, but people are boycotting this set because of the changes. They’re just depriving themselves of over 40 hours of bonus material with cool deleted scenes which was the main reason why I bought the set. Video is restored and Episode 2 and 3 look awesome in HD, and the audio is top-notch quality. I think it’s a must buy.

For some of the changes on the Blu-Ray    CLICK HERE

For a FULL list of changes to the movies    CLICK HERE

I had a couple more interviews this month. Another winery which I didn’t get, and a interview for this Marketing thing. The marketing interview was for this place called “L.T.D. Marketing Group“. I got called in for a second interview, but when I talked to someone; they told me I’m going with them to Antioch to observe them and it’ll be like an interview too. I went with the two managers. One drove his car and the other one told me to drive my car with him in it. Personally, I don’t think that was fair. I’m kinda broke and I don’t want to be buying gas to go to Antioch. On the drive there, we were talking and then talking about video games. Once we got to Antioch, we pulled in a Chevron and they set up a folding table and the product they were selling/pushing on people. After about an hour they told me I was hired and to come in on Monday. I was excited to finally have a job, but turns out not really.

On that Monday, I go in and after filing some paperwork and go into a meeting, everyone gets their assignments on where to go. I got paired up with the manager and I had to drive to Mill Valley which is near San Rafael.  Basically what I did was once someone started pumping gas in their car, I approach them from the front of the car and say:

‘Hello there, How are you today? I’m here doing a HUGE promotion for FW1 Racing’s brand new WATERLESS wash and wax. Today we are doing FREE demonstrations would you like to see how it works”.

They usually say no but if they said yes, I spray it on the car, windows, and the rims. They’re 2 for $25 and I only sold one order while the manager sold  6 orders. We didn’t take breaks because he said whenever there were no cars, that’s our break. Also found out that day it was commission based  pay so if I didn’t sell anything I don’t get paid, plus I’d be driving far everyday. So the next day was the same thing. After we got back to the office I basically told the manager I needed a steadier paycheck and I quit. Plus I felt really uncomfortable pushing a product on people and being rude and pushy to them because that’s not who I am.

After that whole thing I got a call from my old job at the winery and they asked if I could come right away. So I did and I was there for about 5 hours and I was done. The next week they called me again and asked if I could come in right away; again. Got there at 7 and left at 12:30am. While I was there they asked me if I could come again the next day. So I got there at 2 and I didn’t get off till 12:30. Basically I was On-Call and they might call me again out of the blue. If they call I have to say yes and then scramble to find some food for lunch and race over there for some hours.

The last day of the month Joanna and I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for their Employee Fright Fest Preview Night since she works there. It was just a preview of the haunted houses and the shows they were doing, with no rides. they gave everyone free Chili Cheese Fries and they made me Cheese Fries. From what we saw, the haunted houses weren’t that scary. I expected a lot more.only two things scared me: It was a maze and we were rounding a corner and it was really dark. Someone made a loud banging noise and ran up behind me. The other one was in this house, there was a girl in white looking at the mirror, after a while she turned and yelled and ran up to us and her reflection crawled out of the mirror too. That was a the best scare I got there. Although, near the end of one of the haunted things there was a door, and immediately  as you pass the doorway, some scary looking woman is crouched on the other side and by the time you see her it’s too late. That gave me goosebumps. Plus we saw Joanna’s friend as a ghost. She tried to scare us but got embarrassed and she just told us to keep going. The shows they had were not good at all. Most of the singing was terrible and the song choices were mediocre and cliché.

That’s all the ranting I’ll be doing, so thanks for reading.

August 2011 [Bloggin it up!]

First up, I was invited back to IGN.com for their PlayStation Podcasts 200 episode. You can check some videos on MyIGN blog here.
Also, Here are some pictures I took.

I sat on that second row right next to the aisle on the left. Behind the dark chair.

The fine folks at Sony brought along Uncharted 3 Multiplayer for us to play. Let’s just say I dominated and all eyes were on me.

Ryan, Colin, Myself and Greg

Also played some PS3 games. I beat L.A. Noire and I got a 100% completion on Infamous 2 which took a while but I’d say it was worth it.

I started using “Sweepstakes” app on Facebook and I have entered a LOT of sweepstakes. Over 150 of them and I won something. If you don’t know what it is, you have to wait until next months post…

Joanna’s sister Sarah entered the “Relay For Life” in Pinole with her friends. Me and Joanna went to go visit for a little bit. Afterwards we went to Tilden Park and walked around the lake and saw the petting zoo. At the Lake there was a soft serve ice cream shop there and it was good.  The park was really nice and I would go back there. After the park, we went back to visit Sarah for the ceremony for people who died in the last year which included Joanna and Sarah’s uncle. It was nice and at night there were paper lanterns all around the track to help light the way.

I helped my friend Danny film some video. It was stupid and fun and I’m not sure if the link will work but you can look at it here, You have to log into Facebook to watch it. It’s funny.

I got a couple interviews this month for Target and some other stuff. I went to an unemployment office in Fairfield by Solano College for an interview. I spent almost an hour there in a room with a bunch of guys filing paperwork and waiting to be interviewed. After some questions, I took a saliva drug test and then left. Couple days later I called and they said I got the job, but they said once there is a open spot for training, they would call, and so far as I’m writing this they still haven’t called me in.

That’s about it, so here are a few random pictures I took.

July 2011, It was HOT [Blog Post]

This so far has been the hottest month of the year, but it’s summer so what do you expect.

On July 4th we went to the Fairfield 4th of July parade. We missed the beginning and we stayed for about 40 minutes. The  parade was really long, there were long breaks in between floats and stuff. One was even 10 minutes!

So after a few minutes we left and went to Suisun to see what they had at the waterfront. I’ve never been to Suisun for their 4th of July thing and they had a lot of stuff. There were a couple of tents that had some good food and a lot of tents that were selling random stuff. The kids area had slides and jump houses but they weren’t under the shade or anything so it looked like kids might get a little burned when their skins touch it or something. We got some snow cones and the cool thing is there was a island of different flavors next to the snow cone stand where you can put as much syrup as you wanted. After walking around for a bit we went to the mall to cool down in the AC and then went home before we went back to Suisun for the fireworks. Around 30 minutes before the fireworks started, we were driving around looking for a spot. We decided to go in this big lot across the street of the Arco gas station and there was about 100 cars there. Afterwards we tried leaving and we were stuck there for about 30 minutes because someone got into an accident in front of the little ramp to leave.

For a while I knew something and then on the 5th, my sister announced that her  and Brian were having a baby! So that means I’m going to be an Uncle which is awesome! Everyone was excited for them and she is due in late January.

Some smaller things:
-I was barbequing and I burnt my middle finger and that really hurt like hell.
-My friend Danny had an extra ticket to a Giants game. So I went with his family, tried chicken feet at their cousins house (it was gross), and the Giants won so that was fun.

On the 10th I went to the Alameda County Fair with Joanna, Robin, and Jon. The fair was a lot bigger than I had imagined and a lot of shade which was really nice. We walked though a couple buildings and saw a little pig race that was interesting.  While inside a shopping building Joanna and I saw a pillow pet that was a SF Giants panda and it even had a Giants hat so I bought that for her and she was happy about that. Before we left I went in line to try the Deep Fried Butter. Robin and Jon each had a little scorpion and they said it tasted like burnt stuff. The Fried Butter was interesting. The first bite was mostly just dough, but the second bite was when most of the butter inside came out and was all over my hand. At that point I just drained all the butter out of the thing and ate it and it was OK. There were four balls of butter in total and I only ate one more. I was going to throw it away, but Joanna wanted to try it too so she had half of one before it was too much. After that, we went to Wal-Mart to shop for stuff to bring to our beach trip the next day and then we went home.

Woke up real early and Nikki picked me up to go meet everyone at Christine’s house. Looking at the forecast and it didn’t look good for a beach trip so we decided to go to Lake Berryessa instead which was a good idea. We were the only ones there when we arrived around 11am. We were there for around 6 hours and it was nice. We got a nice big shaded area and we had some rafts.

Sometime later most of the girls swam to an island and when they came back, we weren’t paying attention to a raft we left by the edge of the water and it drifted about 1/4 mile away. So a few of us took a smaller raft to go and swim to it but it was drifting away too fast. Some nice older women on a jet ski brought it back for us and that was really nice of them. I think we left around 5 0r 6. Most of us were hungry so we went to Carino’s for dinner to end the day. Found out a week later my skin was peeling. I’ve never put sunscreen on because usually I don’t get burnt, but now I know and I’ll be more careful next time.

Here’s a recap video I made of the Alameda Fair and the Lake

A week later Joanna and I went to the Sugar Town Festival in Crockett (Where the C&H Factory is). We were there for around 20 minutes and we left since it was really small and early. Joanna had the idea to go to the State Fair in Sacramento and we should bring Sam along. She said she never went to the State Fair before so we took her there and it was cool. We watched a horse thing that was cool and walked around a lot. Also, I was on a mission to try some weird fried stuff. Joanna had Fried Cookie Dough which she thought was delicious. I found Deep-Fried Kool-Aid which is just Kool-Aid mixed with Batter. When I took a bite into it, I could really taste the Kool-Aid but they burnt it so It didn’t really taste good. Later that night Sam and I rode a ride that looks like a UFO and it spins you around while your pushed against the wall. Joanna does not like any rides that spin so she sat that one out. Right before we went on, the crew there had to clean up since a kid threw up. We went on the other side of where the kid threw up and it was fun. After that we left to go home.

My cousin had her 5th baby on the 19th and his name is Connor Matthew Roses Siruno. I visited them right before she was being discharged and helped them out to  their car. A couple of days later, I took Joanna to their house so she can visit the new baby.

Later in the month I got an interview in Roseville. My mom was insisting on coming so she came along. After my interview, we went to the Galleria since I’ve never been there and just walked around looking at the stuff. It reminded me of the Vally Fair mall in San Jose because all the expensive stores.

On the 31st Joanna and I went to Travis Air Force Base for the Air Show. We got there around 9 and walked through a few planes. These things were huge. It was crazy going through these planes. We also looked at smaller planes like Cessnas, gliders, fighter jets and some helicopters and military cars. We sat on the bleachers at the start of the stunt flyers and then after an hour, we looked around more planes.  Food was expensive but we got burgers. We saw Dustin and the kids and we were talking for a little bit. While walking around we would stop every so often to watch some planes do their stunts. They were sponsored by Chevy and you could test drive some cars. I test drove the new Volt, Camero, and a Silverado. We left around 2-ish and we went to the mall to finally watch Captain America.
It was really good. I would say it’s a really good war movie that happened to involve a superhero. I’d say out of all the superhero movies out this year, this is the best.

Thanks For Reading!

June 2011 [Blog Post]

On June 3rd I had a chance to go visit the offices of IGN.com in San Francisco. I took BART to SF and walked around for a while. I went to have lunch at a place called “The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen” and it was delicious! I had Sharp Chedder and Havarti cheeses with some ham. For a drink I saw they had “Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer” which I haven’t seen in forever so I had to get it.

I still had a lot of time so I went to AT&T Park for a tour for $15 and it was really cool. We were taken to the indoor batting cages for the visitors and the visitors dugout. Then we were on the field for a little bit, but we couldn’t go on the grass since there was a night game that day. We didn’t go to the Club level since there was an event going on but we went to the Suit level and it was cool.

Afterwards I walked a block to IGN. Every Friday they give tours to their fans and you have to be picked to go, luckily I know someone and they hooked me up. We saw a lot of conference rooms and each one is based off a game. Like there is a Zelda room, Grand Theft Auto room, a Halo room and about 8 other rooms. Also saw their nice demo room where they try out games for reviewing. They gave us some free stuff and we ate Paxti’s Pizza which was very good Chicago style pizza.

The next day I went to the Giants game for Joanna’s sisters birthday. Game was good but they lost, at least I got a Cody Ross bobble head. Afterwards we went to have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. I don’t remember what I got but afterwards we took an hour trying to figure out what everyone owed.

The next week my family took a last minute trip to Disneyland. I was excited to ride the newly opened and redone Star Tours. The lines for Star Tours were RIDICULOUS! I rode the ride about 6 or 7 times and one time we waited almost 3 hours. It was worth it. The 3D is amazing on this ride and all the different destinations were cool. Me and Sammy rode Splash Mountain and I was in the front so I got soaked. We also got a good spot for the fireworks at the beginning of Main Street where the flagpole is, but near the front (I’ll post a picture of our spot).

Buzz Lightyear Score – 788,100   Really good score

Also learned how to draw Donald (Favorite Disney character)

June 12th me and Joanna went to my friend Patrick’s house for his birthday and graduation to become a Journeyman Electrician. Spent a long time there hanging out talking and having a good time.

On the 16th was Sam’s Graduation (or Promotion, whatever…). There was a lot of people there. I forgot where we went to eat afterwards.

I also watched a couple of movies. Me and Joanna went to the Drive-in in Concord for the first time and it was awesome. For $7 each, we saw Super 8 and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Super 8 – I liked this movie a lot and you could say it’s this generations version of E.T. The acting of the kids were very good, especially the fat kid.

Kung Fu Panda 2 –  This is better than the first movie, the voice acting all around was good and Gary Oldman as the voice of the bad guy was really good.

Green Lantern– I liked it, but it might be hard for people to enjoy if they don’t know anything about it. They changed some kinda important stuff from the comics but i still liked it and hope they make another one with Sinestro as the bad guy

Cars 2 – Basically a spy movie with the “Cars” characters and it was awesome!

Lastly, ever since I got back from Disneyland I’ve been kinda sick. I didn’t know what it was at first, but after 2 weeks had a appointment with a doctor and said I had a sinus infection. Took some antibiotics and now it’s gone.