Holiday Season 2011 November & December

A lot of stuff happened to me these past two months. On Halloween I got my iPhone 4S after waiting almost a month. Plus I was going to my grandmas house almost everyday to clean up a room for my sister when she moves here to stay for a few months .

Joanna and myself went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I’ve never been there before and I have always wanted to go. So we drove down there and we had some unlimited ride passes from my Uncle Ronnie. We did a lot of stuff and walked around. I thought it would be bigger. I wanted to go in the water, but we didn’t really get a chance. They had this cool “Laser Maze” and I couldn’t resist going to that. So here is my video of that here:

Overall it was fun and I would want to go again. There is also a candy store there where they invented the original Chocolate Bacon. It was $14 for a small box so we didn’t get that, but I do want to try their version.

The next day was terrible… Me and Joanna were at Wal-Mart looking for some stuff. I found a $15 bookshelf so I put it in the cart. After we paid and on the way out, I had the bookshelf in its box and it was falling. So I decided I should stop it and BAM! Crushed my finger and it instantly bruised.

As I’m writing this on 12/30/11, It is completely black and the nail has raised up and is separated from the skin. When it was swelling up, it looked like a toe. There is black dead skin under my nail and it has just begun to chip off and it looks gross. Still waiting for the nail to fall off.



Thanksgiving I went to Beth’s house. It was nice and I had a good time and the food was good. Then it was time for Black Friday. So I decided to stay home instead of going out and waiting in lines. The only things I wanted were really cheap movies. I woke up in the late morning and went to Best Buy and I got what I wanted.

My dad found some old pictures while he was cleaning. When I was looking through them, I found some I liked and I uploaded them. Here is one of them:

My friend Osman was in medical school in the Caribbean and came back for winter break. I’ve been hanging out with him and I invited him to join Joanna, Sam, and myself to Global Winter Wonderland. It’s the first time this event was in the United States and it was at Great America’s parking lot. Here’s the entrance.

We had 2-for-1 tickets so we went and all the light displays were cool, but the entire thing was really small and it sucked. It was not worth it at all. We could see everything from the parking lot passed their “One Barbed Wire” security. So after we ate, we left that crappy place and went to the Great Mall to walk around.

For Christmas this year, the party was at my Uncle Ricky’s house. As usual all of us were there. I made some brownies with some red, green and white, mini chocolate chips. For Joanna’s present I bought her a really nice SF Giants On-Field Jacket with that gift card I won. I actually gave it to her earlier since she was looking for a jacket to buy, so I gave her the jacket early. She wanted something to open on Christmas so I bought a Shirt from the Disney Store. Joanna gave me a Zune AV pack, Batman Begins Blu-Ray (Didn’t have the Blu Ray), and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”. Mikey gave me “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. My cousin Michelle gave me some organic Chocolate and a metal Batman hanger she made. Finally, my Mom got me a SF Giants hat.

Couple days after Christmas, Brian was flying in since he couldn’t come down for Christmas. While we were waiting for him, it looked like someone else was waiting too…

To celebrate the end of 2011, Joanna and myself went up to Sacramento to meet with our friend Nikki. Joanna and Nikki made a resolution to see each other every month in 2011. And they are going to finish it when they first started it last year. We went to Nikki’s house and then we went downtown to go ice skating. After that, headed back to the house and watched “Bridesmaids”. Later that night we were on our way to old town sac to celebrate the new year. But on the way there Nikki had a family emergency and we decided to stay in for new years. We also stayed the night and the next day we watched the 49ers win and walk around the Arden Fair mall and then went home.


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