So what happened to me in October 2011…

Lets keep it short and sweet.

-That gift card I won finally came
-Cell phone contract ended so I got a new one and Ordered an iPhone 4S
-AT&T wouldn’t let me have any data (text, 3G, voicemail) on my old phone until I got my new phone. So that was lovely…
– Had a some interviews that month that weren’t that successful
-Went to IKEA for a bookshelf and a Wall mount at Fry’s for my TV (And my room looks a lot nicer by the way.)
-Watched the movies: Real Steel which was awesome!,
-Went to Katrina’s house for Luke’s birthday party
-Joanna and I went to Santa Cruz and I finally was able to go to the Boardwalk. (Thanks Uncle Ronnie for the 2 Unlimited Rides passes)
-On Halloween Joanna and I went to Dixon and traversed the Corn Maze which we vastly underestimated.
-After almost 3 1/2 weeks, My new iPhone finally came.

So that’s it for now and the November post will be much longer.



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