My September-2011 [Blog]

Earlier this month on Sunday the 4th, I woke up early and headed over to San Francisco. The SF Giants were the first team of the month to have their “Star Wars Day”. In September there were a bunch of different teams having a “Star Wars Day” and promoting “Stand Up to Cancer”. All the other teams giveaway’s was a t-shirt. Giants fans got this awesome Brian Wilson in Carbonite


Me and Joanna got there early to get our giveaway and check out the Star Wars pre-game stuff. Fans were dressed up as characters and some even did
Star Wars/Giants mashups like Vader, Boba Fett, and Stormtroopers with orange helmets.  After a while we went into the park and went to our seats. We got Club level seats in the Star Wars section because the website said to buy “Special tickets” to watch Empire Strikes Back after the game, but actually anyone could watch it.

These were good seats, I even sat next to a wookie! On the screen they had special stuff like a trailer for Star wars with Lou Seal in it and holograms of the players when they’re up to bat. The Umpires were escorted by Stormtroopers. Even though they lost the game it was still fun, and we got to watch Empire Strikes Back on the big screen which was cool and everyone reacted to the dramatic parts.

I’ve  been entering tons of different sweepstakes on Facebook recently. My sister Jasmine won a nice camera and something else from these things. So I figure I’d be worth a shot to enter some too. About 100+ entries later I got an email saying I won something. Most of the sweepstakes I entered was for an iPad or a kindle or something. When I actually read the email, It was for a gift card of over $2,500! Now that’s a damn good prize to win. At the time I’m writing this, I’m still waiting for it to be mailed to me. I’m going to use it for my phone bill for the next 2 years so if I don’t have a job, I could still have a phone. Maybe use a little of it for other things and Christmas presents.

I guess September was a Star Wars Month. Started off with Star Wars Day at the Giants game, the season 4 Premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiered the same day  I bought  Star Wars: The Complete Blu Ray. I got the 9 disc set for $80 at Best Buy with a free t-shirt and my mom bought it at Target and gave me the lithographs she got from there.

I just want to say to the people who complain about the new changes in the movies:
Get over it!

Sure I agree  in Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader Says “Noo!” was terrible, but people are boycotting this set because of the changes. They’re just depriving themselves of over 40 hours of bonus material with cool deleted scenes which was the main reason why I bought the set. Video is restored and Episode 2 and 3 look awesome in HD, and the audio is top-notch quality. I think it’s a must buy.

For some of the changes on the Blu-Ray    CLICK HERE

For a FULL list of changes to the movies    CLICK HERE

I had a couple more interviews this month. Another winery which I didn’t get, and a interview for this Marketing thing. The marketing interview was for this place called “L.T.D. Marketing Group“. I got called in for a second interview, but when I talked to someone; they told me I’m going with them to Antioch to observe them and it’ll be like an interview too. I went with the two managers. One drove his car and the other one told me to drive my car with him in it. Personally, I don’t think that was fair. I’m kinda broke and I don’t want to be buying gas to go to Antioch. On the drive there, we were talking and then talking about video games. Once we got to Antioch, we pulled in a Chevron and they set up a folding table and the product they were selling/pushing on people. After about an hour they told me I was hired and to come in on Monday. I was excited to finally have a job, but turns out not really.

On that Monday, I go in and after filing some paperwork and go into a meeting, everyone gets their assignments on where to go. I got paired up with the manager and I had to drive to Mill Valley which is near San Rafael.  Basically what I did was once someone started pumping gas in their car, I approach them from the front of the car and say:

‘Hello there, How are you today? I’m here doing a HUGE promotion for FW1 Racing’s brand new WATERLESS wash and wax. Today we are doing FREE demonstrations would you like to see how it works”.

They usually say no but if they said yes, I spray it on the car, windows, and the rims. They’re 2 for $25 and I only sold one order while the manager sold  6 orders. We didn’t take breaks because he said whenever there were no cars, that’s our break. Also found out that day it was commission based  pay so if I didn’t sell anything I don’t get paid, plus I’d be driving far everyday. So the next day was the same thing. After we got back to the office I basically told the manager I needed a steadier paycheck and I quit. Plus I felt really uncomfortable pushing a product on people and being rude and pushy to them because that’s not who I am.

After that whole thing I got a call from my old job at the winery and they asked if I could come right away. So I did and I was there for about 5 hours and I was done. The next week they called me again and asked if I could come in right away; again. Got there at 7 and left at 12:30am. While I was there they asked me if I could come again the next day. So I got there at 2 and I didn’t get off till 12:30. Basically I was On-Call and they might call me again out of the blue. If they call I have to say yes and then scramble to find some food for lunch and race over there for some hours.

The last day of the month Joanna and I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for their Employee Fright Fest Preview Night since she works there. It was just a preview of the haunted houses and the shows they were doing, with no rides. they gave everyone free Chili Cheese Fries and they made me Cheese Fries. From what we saw, the haunted houses weren’t that scary. I expected a lot more.only two things scared me: It was a maze and we were rounding a corner and it was really dark. Someone made a loud banging noise and ran up behind me. The other one was in this house, there was a girl in white looking at the mirror, after a while she turned and yelled and ran up to us and her reflection crawled out of the mirror too. That was a the best scare I got there. Although, near the end of one of the haunted things there was a door, and immediately  as you pass the doorway, some scary looking woman is crouched on the other side and by the time you see her it’s too late. That gave me goosebumps. Plus we saw Joanna’s friend as a ghost. She tried to scare us but got embarrassed and she just told us to keep going. The shows they had were not good at all. Most of the singing was terrible and the song choices were mediocre and cliché.

That’s all the ranting I’ll be doing, so thanks for reading.