August 2011 [Bloggin it up!]

First up, I was invited back to for their PlayStation Podcasts 200 episode. You can check some videos on MyIGN blog here.
Also, Here are some pictures I took.

I sat on that second row right next to the aisle on the left. Behind the dark chair.

The fine folks at Sony brought along Uncharted 3 Multiplayer for us to play. Let’s just say I dominated and all eyes were on me.

Ryan, Colin, Myself and Greg

Also played some PS3 games. I beat L.A. Noire and I got a 100% completion on Infamous 2 which took a while but I’d say it was worth it.

I started using “Sweepstakes” app on Facebook and I have entered a LOT of sweepstakes. Over 150 of them and I won something. If you don’t know what it is, you have to wait until next months post…

Joanna’s sister Sarah entered the “Relay For Life” in Pinole with her friends. Me and Joanna went to go visit for a little bit. Afterwards we went to Tilden Park and walked around the lake and saw the petting zoo. At the Lake there was a soft serve ice cream shop there and it was good.  The park was really nice and I would go back there. After the park, we went back to visit Sarah for the ceremony for people who died in the last year which included Joanna and Sarah’s uncle. It was nice and at night there were paper lanterns all around the track to help light the way.

I helped my friend Danny film some video. It was stupid and fun and I’m not sure if the link will work but you can look at it here, You have to log into Facebook to watch it. It’s funny.

I got a couple interviews this month for Target and some other stuff. I went to an unemployment office in Fairfield by Solano College for an interview. I spent almost an hour there in a room with a bunch of guys filing paperwork and waiting to be interviewed. After some questions, I took a saliva drug test and then left. Couple days later I called and they said I got the job, but they said once there is a open spot for training, they would call, and so far as I’m writing this they still haven’t called me in.

That’s about it, so here are a few random pictures I took.


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