June 2011 [Blog Post]

On June 3rd I had a chance to go visit the offices of IGN.com in San Francisco. I took BART to SF and walked around for a while. I went to have lunch at a place called “The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen” and it was delicious! I had Sharp Chedder and Havarti cheeses with some ham. For a drink I saw they had “Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer” which I haven’t seen in forever so I had to get it.

I still had a lot of time so I went to AT&T Park for a tour for $15 and it was really cool. We were taken to the indoor batting cages for the visitors and the visitors dugout. Then we were on the field for a little bit, but we couldn’t go on the grass since there was a night game that day. We didn’t go to the Club level since there was an event going on but we went to the Suit level and it was cool.

Afterwards I walked a block to IGN. Every Friday they give tours to their fans and you have to be picked to go, luckily I know someone and they hooked me up. We saw a lot of conference rooms and each one is based off a game. Like there is a Zelda room, Grand Theft Auto room, a Halo room and about 8 other rooms. Also saw their nice demo room where they try out games for reviewing. They gave us some free stuff and we ate Paxti’s Pizza which was very good Chicago style pizza.

The next day I went to the Giants game for Joanna’s sisters birthday. Game was good but they lost, at least I got a Cody Ross bobble head. Afterwards we went to have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. I don’t remember what I got but afterwards we took an hour trying to figure out what everyone owed.

The next week my family took a last minute trip to Disneyland. I was excited to ride the newly opened and redone Star Tours. The lines for Star Tours were RIDICULOUS! I rode the ride about 6 or 7 times and one time we waited almost 3 hours. It was worth it. The 3D is amazing on this ride and all the different destinations were cool. Me and Sammy rode Splash Mountain and I was in the front so I got soaked. We also got a good spot for the fireworks at the beginning of Main Street where the flagpole is, but near the front (I’ll post a picture of our spot).

Buzz Lightyear Score – 788,100   Really good score

Also learned how to draw Donald (Favorite Disney character)

June 12th me and Joanna went to my friend Patrick’s house for his birthday and graduation to become a Journeyman Electrician. Spent a long time there hanging out talking and having a good time.

On the 16th was Sam’s Graduation (or Promotion, whatever…). There was a lot of people there. I forgot where we went to eat afterwards.

I also watched a couple of movies. Me and Joanna went to the Drive-in in Concord for the first time and it was awesome. For $7 each, we saw Super 8 and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Super 8 – I liked this movie a lot and you could say it’s this generations version of E.T. The acting of the kids were very good, especially the fat kid.

Kung Fu Panda 2 –  This is better than the first movie, the voice acting all around was good and Gary Oldman as the voice of the bad guy was really good.

Green Lantern– I liked it, but it might be hard for people to enjoy if they don’t know anything about it. They changed some kinda important stuff from the comics but i still liked it and hope they make another one with Sinestro as the bad guy

Cars 2 – Basically a spy movie with the “Cars” characters and it was awesome!

Lastly, ever since I got back from Disneyland I’ve been kinda sick. I didn’t know what it was at first, but after 2 weeks had a appointment with a doctor and said I had a sinus infection. Took some antibiotics and now it’s gone.

















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