May 2011 Blog Post

May started out as a bummer. Since this year started I wanted to sell some stuff at the garage sale.  I got a lot of stuff ready and it usually takes place on the first Saturday of May, but it was April 30th.  So that was a bummer.

Later on in May Osama Bin Laden died and then on May 4th is an Unofficial Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you). Me and Joanna bought some Giants tickets in September for Star Wars Day. Here’s what they say on the website
“The Force” was strong with our Giants in 2010 and now, you can participate in a special day bringing together Giants and Star Wars fans alike! Your ticket package will include a ticket in one of our Star Wars sections, spread over a couple different seating areas in the park, access to our pre-game festivities and a very special Star Wars themed Giants giveaway item! Additionally, your purchase will grant you access to our post game screening of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
So If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you should definitely look into it.

With Osman leaving the country soon, We went to watch the midnight showing of “Thor” the night before he goes back to school in the Caribbean. I thought it was funny waiting in line. Besides the smelly fat nerds there were a couple of people who dressed up as Thor. The movie was good; and like all Marvel Comic movies, there was something after the credits which most people didn’t get so I looked it up and I still didn’t really understand it. But If your watching Captain America next month, stay after the credits because this will be a big lead in for “The Avengers“.

I got a cool package from PlayStation. It came with a thank you note for Beta testing a reward program.

As a gift they sent everyone who leveled up in this reward system got a shirt that said “PlayStation” in japanese.

Let’s see… the PlayStation Network finally came back online, the TV show “Smallville” had it’s series finale, I found a new ice cream I like called “Late Night Snack” from Ben & Jerry’s. Fudge covered potato chips? Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

Oh yeah, I survived the rapture. I didn’t really think it would happen anyway. There was this thing going around where if you are chosen for the rapture you disappear  leaving your clothes behind.  wanted people to send pictures of this so I got some clothes and did one. the

The next day, Joanna and myself went to Sacramento to see Stand-up comedy with Gabriel Iglesias.  We saw the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” and that night we got a front row table for Gabriel. It was really funny, he had a lot of new stuff and when his set was over he told us that his show was being recorded for a new comedy CD. Since we were at the front of the stage, you may be able to hear us laugh since we were close to the microphones. I got a shirt and Joanna got a shirt as well as a DVD. That’s about it for May, Thanks for reading.