April 2011 [BlogPost]

April’s Fools Day, I wasn’t really going to do any pranks. I was swimming at my cousins house and Joanna said we should “Pick a Date” for our wedding. We did and we got some good reactions but we came clean and told everyone it was a prank.

The next day was our 3 year anniversary. Joanna  said we can go to WonderCon in SF. It was pretty cool. We mostly walked around and met up with Ciera and Christine who dressed up. We caught up with Joanna’s old boss, his friend extended us a trip to tour LucasArts (Where Star Wars games are made) since he worked there. I would Love to go, but I don’t really expect him to actually do it. Later we met up with Ciera and Christine and her friend and got some food at Mel’s.  After that, me and Joanna went to go to a Star Wars Clone Wars Season Finale Panel which was cool. The guy who played Chewbacca was there (I also got his Autograph) and the voice of Ahsoka. After the panel we left to go home later we went to Denny’s for some dinner. I got some awesome food with tons of BACON, then I did this…

Here is a picture of Ciera her wierd friend and Christine who dressed up.

We went to an A’s game the next day since Joanna got some free tickets. We stayed until the 7th inning since they suck and we’re Giants fans. A couple weeks later my cousins had a game night for my birthday and also my cousin’s boyfriends birthday since  Jasmine leaves before my actual bday. It was fun, we played Disney Cranium and Jasmine tried to make a “Mickey Mouse ice cream bar” cake. Didnt work out so well so we each got an ear.

Ok, so for my actual birthday Joanna and Sarah (Her sister) picked me up and we got some food at the mall and then we went to our friend Nikki’s house (the one who just got married, look at my old post).  We talked for a little bit and then we went to Old Town Sacramento and walked around. Then we went to the mall and walked around some more, I couldn’t really think of stuff to do. So we went back to Nikki’s place and met up with some more people and then we got dinner at Chicago Fire Pizza. They make traditional Chicago deep dish pizza which was amazingly delicious. I’ve been wanting to try that kind of pizza for years and finally got some. After that we went to RPM for some Indoor Kart racing. It was fun except the guy racing with us who was cheating. After that we went back to Nikki’s and played some Apples to Apples and eat cupcakes that Joanna made. Overall it was a good birthday and I had a good time.

My Grandma’s birthday was a couple days later and we went to Mandarin Chinese Restaurant and almost all my cousins and my aunts and uncles were there. That was fun and good food.

After that nothing much happened. Come back for another post, probably recapping May. I dunno stay Tuned