Disneyland 3/26/11 – 3/30/11

My mom had decided to have her retirement party at Disneyland (which is awesome) inside the exclusive member only “Club 33”.  It was going to be awesome since a lot of my family wanted to go to, about 30 people. I left on Friday night around midnight. It was my little brother and sister and we picked up Joanna from her work at midnight and then we drove strait to Anaheim from there. After a long ride and a couple of failed attempts to get food on the way there, we arrived at Disneyland around 7am. Joanna’s Disneyland ticket was bought by my older sister because she gets military discount, so we had to wait for her to show up and show her ID so Joanna can use her ticket. After we got in, We rode a bunch of rides and met up with some family there and it was cool. Got a really good score on Toy Story Midway Mania in CA Adventure, and at 5pm we waited in line at Disneyland for the exclusive sneak peek for  “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” for about 2 hours. We were right near the front of the line and about 30 minutes before it began this lady pirate came out with a Animatronic pirate bird that interacted  with guests. then we were let in later and sat on the floor, we were right in front and the pre-show was cool and the clip was cool too and it was in 3D.


The next day we met up with family and did a bunch of stuff and I can’t remember all the things we did that day, but that night, Joanna, Sam, and myself watched World of Color. Alright, the next day was Monday the big day. There were so many of us that went to Club 33 and it was awesome. When I walked in I noticed all the really nice art and everything. After walking around a bit I sat down and ordered my Vodka Tonic. Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland where alcohol is served so I had to get something. the food I ordered was the ” Certified Organic Free Range Chicken, Truffled Mac & Cheese” It was marinated basil, shallots and a Cipollini Jus. I have to say this was the best chicken I’ve ever had. The chicken was moist and juicy with EVERY bite and the Mac and Cheese  was crazy good. I would pay $80 for this, because that’s how much it is. After everyone was done eating, we all got some exclusive merchandise. I got an awesome Club 33 Mickey Ears. Then like 30 minutes later we all left and did stuff, I cant remember. After we got back to the hotel, we did stuff and then Joanna, mikey and my dad left to go home.

The next day was my moms birthday and we did a lot of stuff with everyone. I cant remember a lot of what I did while I was at Disneyland. But I do remember that night. Joanna and myself went to go eat at Cafe Orleans. I got a awesome Monte Cristo and the appetizer we got was Pomme Frites, It’s french fries with Parmesan and olive oil and they were a little more crunchy that usual fries and everything was delicious.  Oh yeah, my mom left Disneyland early and she spent the day going to places with my aunt and uncle getting stuff at “Porto’s” and “Sprinkles Cupcakes”. Later We got back to the hotel and ate some stuff. The next couple days are a blur I haven’t spent this much time at Disneyland in years. I even got a big blister on my foot that made me limp for more than half the trip.  We got back home on Thursday night. And that’s it here are some more pictures and some video I took.