Janurary and Feburary 2011

Well hey everyone here’s some stuff that happened to me.

January was a little slow I guess. I went to cash in all my coins at Coinstar and I held a contest and the winner to get the closest to how much was in there. Joanna won and I have yet to get her a prize lol.

My PlayStation 3 also died on me again. So I learned how to fix it myself and i got pretty good at it. I had to fix it a couple times. Now it works fine YAY!

Just wanted to show this because this made me laugh for weeks.

Couple weeks ago I decided to clean the grill we have. My dad decided to put CHARCOAL in a GAS grill when we first got it, so there was a lot to clean. It took a couple of hours. Now lately I’ve been barbecuing and i’m getting pretty good at it.

My mom, sammy and myself went to the SF Giants FanFest. When we got there the line was really REALLY long. It went all the way from the Willie Mays gate to the O’Doul Bridge (By the Dugout Store), all the way down to the McCovey Statue, almost all the way around the main Parking lot, and then it zig-zagged through the lot. We were in line for a long time and then someone came out and  said they reached capacity and not letting anymore people in so we left and Sam was pissed so we went to Walnut Creek to eat at McCovey’s (SF Giants Legend’s restaurant) to make her happy.

My cousin Katrina held a Superbowl party and I won $55 in a pool. and it was a good time

Joanna’s birthday was on February 12 and so there was a plan and then it went to sh*t. I took Joanna to Alcatraz because we have been wanting to go and I was stalling for time while her friends do stuff. we got to SF around 11am and we went to eat crepes  for breakfast and then after walking around we got on the boat at 1:30.  The audio tour was awesome and we had a good time. We got back to the dock around 4:30. Around this time Joanna’s friends were supposed to be there and surprise her and we would go to Ghiradeli Square and have some dessert. But alas things happened and I had to stall.  So we walked around Pier 39 for a long time. We ate some ice cream, tried to find bathrooms in Fisherman’s Wharf and then her friends Robin and Nikki showed up around 7 to surprise her. Then I drove us all to Macaroni Grill for dinner and then  back to Robins place for some crazy ass candy covered birthday cake which was good, and cupcakes. They gave her a scrapbook present and then her friend Ciera showed up and we played Apples to Apples.

Here are some pics from Joanna’s Birthday

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This past weekend my friend Nikki’s wedding. So Joanna and her friend Robin went to get a “Mani-Pedi” then they picked me up and we headed to her house in Sacramento. When we got there, we were talking with all the people there. Once they all left for the rehearsal dinner, we set up decorations for her Bachlorette party. When we were done, they dropped me off at the movie theater and I watched “Take Me Home Tonight” while they were having fun at Joe’s Crab Shack. By the time I was done, they were still there so I bought another ticket to watch “Hall Pass”. Once that was done Joanna picked me up and then they were all there singing Karaoke Revolution on the PS2. So I went upstairs to the guest room and watched “Gulliver’s Travel” and “Robin Hood” and then I went to sleep.

Here’s a couple of videos of decorating and me not at the bachlorette party



The next day was the wedding and all had lunch at Weinerschitzel. Then we got packed up and went to our hotel in Roseville (Which was horrible). The girls got dressed up and I suited up.

The wedding was nice. It was held in a Community Center and it looked cool. Once it was over, Casey (The groom) asked us to go to their house because they forgot the Marriage license. We left once it was over and an hour later we got to the reception at Dave and Busters. It was cool, we had a private room and the buffet was Italian food. After all the usual things that happen at a reception we all went to play arcade games and get tickets. Overall that weekend was fun.



Here’s a video of the Bride playing DDR


This spring should be interesting. I’ll be going to Disneyland again for my moms retirement party at Club 33 which is a Very exclusive club where the waiting list is like 14 years. Me and Joanna’s 3 year anniversary is on April 2nd, My birthday on April  16, My friend Osman will be back from school in the Caribbean. And probably some other stuff I cant remember anyways thanks for reading!