Happy New Year! Recap of Fall and Winter 2010

Happy New Year! First day of 2011 and I should write a new post.


Well in this month my temp agency at Coke, Spherion, decided to call me and tell me not to come to work for the rest of this one week.They said all the machines were down on my production line. A week past and no call… So I emailed them and they said that I have been laid off. First off don’t lead me on for a week and then lay me off. I thought it was very rude and unprofessional, they just lied to me,so I kept all the stuff they gave me and I still have a security card but I don’t want to go back anyway.  After wards  I was applying to places and I got a call from another temp agency for a wine bottling gig in Napa.  When I started working, I was a Label Operator and I put the labels onthe bottles and it was ok I guess.

Also earlier in the month Me and Joanna went to SF to go to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival and it was really cool.We tried a lot of chocolate and there was Chocolate Vodka, Chocolate Beer, Stuffed Marshmallows,  Truffles and It was really good.I also go to test drive a really nice new 2011 Cadillac car, Awesome.

Another thing I did was go to a Launch Party for the PlayStation Move. Me and Osman went to  SF and arrived at “PlayStation HQ” Lots of cool stuff like free mini cupcakes and lots of free pizza. I probably ate half  of an XL pizza.


Well, my grandma had a stroke and had to go the hospital. She lost some brain function on her left side of her brain sothe right side of her body was not working as much. She was in there for a couple weeks. As I am writing this she is homeand is doing a lot better. She can walk better now and her speech is getting better little by little. I also had to go to the Hospital two more times this month. Me and Joanna were hanging out and our friend Ciera called and we rushed over to
Richmond to pick her up and take her to the ER at Richmond Kaiser. And on Halloween night I was with Joanna and wewere watching TV and it was around midnight her back was hurting a lot and we went to Kaiser Vallejo to the ER.They both are fine now.

GIANTS!!! The San Francisco Giants won the NL west and won the World Series and it was awesome.I don’t think I need to say anything else about that.

There was a surprise party my cousin was having for her husband. It was Super Mario Bros. themed and it was cool.She had hats and mustaches and it was fun.

HALLOWEEN! This year for Halloween me and Joanna went mythological and I went as Hercules (Non-Disney ver.)and Joanna went as a Roman Goddess. We went to our friend Christine’s house and it was fun. There was a lot ofpeople and a lot of cool and funny costumes. Plus Joanna got a little tipsy so that was fun too.


Ahh November… The only thing really notable this month was when I got drunk for the first time. I scored someRSVP tickets to the Gran Turismo 5 game for the PlayStation3. Me and Osman went to this and it was really fun.We took BART and it was a few block from the SF MOMA at this place called “Roe’s”. There was a lot of really nice carsWhen we got inside we got a free drink called the “GT5” and it was blue. When we first got in, it looked liked it really suckedso we went upstairs to where the VIP section was, we couldn’t go in But we stayed around the area and we met up with someof the editors of IGN.com and that was the start of crazyness. We were talking and they gave us their tickets for the “GT5” drinkand we each had 2 more of those. Then suddenly I told them that I had never been drunk before and then they went crazyand got us drinks. For drink #4, while double fisting the GT5 I had a Floradora, which was their drink of choice and it was good.and then I also had a Vodka Tonic and then my last drink I had was a Long Island, yeah I know bad choice. It was fun talkingwith everyone and it was awesome. Then, I started to feel like crap. Threw up in the bar (bathroom) and then lost it all on thewalk to BART. When I got home, Joanna came over to help take care of me. Here are a lot of pics of the night.


With the IGN.com Editors Daemon (Left), Ryan, Me, and Greg (right)

Floradoras and Veronica Belmont

Me drunk and drunker




Big month. I scored some awesome tickets to a Star Wars Clone Wars screening at Lucasfilm. That sentence itself justsounds awesome. Once again me and Osman head out to SF and arrive at the Letterman Digital Arts Center. Just the Main Lobby is full of awesome stuff. We were the 3rd and 4th people in line and later that night there were storm troopers and Jedi. I also saw Ron Howard walking in the hallway and the guy who played the young kid version of Boba Fett. and some other people most of you don’t know about. Once we got in the theater, it was just awesome and then even George Lucas himself sat in our theater. After the screening we got a cool poster and shirt. Here’s some awesome pics!

DISNEYLAND!!!   Yes I went again. Kinda a early Christmas present for Joanna and it was really cool because it was decked out in Christmas decorations. On Saturday me and Joanna flew out to LAX, my family picked us up and we headed to Disneyland. We had a good time that day. We were kinda late for tickets to World of Color but a nice lady gave us and another couple tickets and we had a good view. The next day we  took family pictures and stuff and then later… I proposed to Joanna and she said YES! We are now engaged and to celebrate we went to have lunch at the blue Bayou and it was really cool. its that restaurant you see at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. that night we saw fireworks and the whole day was just great.

Christmas this year was good. Joanna got me the Epic Mickey collectors edition for the Wii, Jasmine got me Jones Blue Bubblegum Soda with custom labels with me proposing on the label. Jacqueline got me a Star wars comic and a PS3 Blu Ray remote and Osman got me a Blu ray. We went to my cousin Katrina’s house and it was great.

For New Years Eve, me and Joanna went to Sacramento with her friend Nikki and we went to Old Town Sacramento. It was really cool and there was a festival, a Journey cover band, we had funnel cakes and got really good view of the fireworks by that bridge over there.

So that’s my recap of the last half of 2010. Thanks for taking the time to read and stay tuned for future updates.