Summer 2010 (abridged version)

Ok this is my second time writing this and I had a lot written down. Then I closed the window without saving it so here is the short version

I realized I haven’t done a post since May and since it’s almost the end of summer, I figured it’s about time.

Me and Joanna went to a lot of places the past couple of months. In the middle of May we went to the Academy of Sciences. It was cool, especially the planetarium show. We saw a bunch of cool exhibits but I like all the fish exhibits. It was just cool how they were all presented and the atmosphere of the whole fish area was.

Went to a Giants game where they went into extra innings and they won. That was sweet. I went with my sisters and Joanna.

The day after that was the start of my hell week at work. A coworker that works on my production line (There is about 4 people per line) was going to be gone for 3 weeks and we were told we had to work EVERYDAY for 3 weeks which sucked major balls. I was so tired and sore I called in sick one day.

Adidas launched their new Star Wars line (Just announced their Fall/Winter Line) and they had this awesome video.

During this years E3 they showed some cool videos.  Here are some.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Hope Trailer

Kevin Butler appearance at E3 2010

Some game I’ve been playing are:

Toy Story 3 for PS3-Really good game. Story mode is ok and the voice acting is “meh” but where the game really shine is the “Toy Box” mode. Kinda like a family friendly version of Grand Theft Auto.

Red Dead Redemption PS3 – One of the best games I”ve played this year. The story is good (Gets kinda slow in Mexico) and the voice acting is awesome. I have GameFly (Netflix for games) and I’ve had this game for about a month and still play it.

On June 24th, my cousin Joston got married. Here is a video. Sorry the audio is off, i’m just to lazy to fix it

It was so hot in June, around the end of the month Joanna and myself went to Waterworld for a little bit. Couldn’t stay long because of Joanna’s friends wedding reception.

I love the Nickelodeon show “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and I was excited for the movie. I watched it and I think it’s not as bad as everyone says it is. I mean, it wasn’t awesome or anything. The acting was bad and the pacing was really rushed, but I still enjoyed it and I hope the next movie is a lot better minus M. Night Shamaylan.

DISNEYLAND! Yes I went to Disneyland again. This time when we went, it was the 55th Anniversary on that Saturday July17. Everything was awesome and the special 55th Anniversary dedication was cool. Also one of the main reasons I wanted to come was for Star Tours. I wanted to ride it one last time before it shut down (A week later) until they reopen it late next year. Sad to see it go. We finally were able to see World Of Color. It’s a Nighttime water show that makes the Fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas look like a flushing toilet .

We saved up a lot of money so we could do a lot of stuff we normaly wouldn’t do like:

Eat at Benihana’s (which was awesome),

Get some cool souvenirs,

And eat at Ariels Grotto (Super expensive and not awesome) and Minnie’s Character Breafast (which was awesome)

At the end of July, we went to the CA State Fair. We had a good time. We played some games and stuff and we spent a good hour or more at a special Animation exhibit where they had a bunch of Disney animation, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Looney tunes stuff.  later we met up with our friends Nikki, Christine, Robin and Jon. That was when I bought Chocolate flavored Bacon which I liked. We went though this cool Animatronic Dinosaur thing that was cool. and later I rode this one ride with Nikki because everyone else didn’t want to ride this one.

I went bowling the other night and took this picture around 2 am

Which brings us to the present (as I am writing this). Now i’m just going to talk about the big ass Star Wars Convention held every couple years. So if your not interested you can stop reading now.

Star Wars Celebration V just ended in Orlando Florida. So much news coming out of there like Lucas finally announcing the Blu Ray Release of the entire saga later next year. I would show you the deleted scene they showed from Return of the Jedi, but Lucasfilm took it down. It’s starts with Darth Vader calling to Luke through the Force and then we see Luke finish building his new green Lightsaber and putting it into R2D2’s head before the droids go to Jabba’s palace. At Disneyworld last saturday was the Last Tour to Endor. A special Celebration V party dedicated to the last time people can ride Star Tours at Disney World They had cool stuff like Special Star Wars fireworks, and at the “Indiana Stunt Show Spectacular” they did a special show called “Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom” If you want to see the videos of these and more, check out