Aquarium by the Bay

Me and Joanna went to hang out in SF for half a day. We went to Pier 39 and some of Fisherman’s Wharf. We were going to go to the Wax Museum but it was closed for a private event. We got some desert at McDonald’s and then went to the Aquarium. Here are some pics of it.


March and April

I’ve been looking for a job for a long time, since I lost my job last January. In February, I found a job posting on about this warehouse job in American Canyon. I didn’t really have any idea what it was about but I applied anyways. A couple weeks later I got a call from Spherion and they wanted me to come to their offices in Santa Rosa. So I went and thought this was going to be an interview. Nope. I went in, read a safety guide, filled out some paper work and watched a safety video with some other guys and then that was it, no interview. The Next week I went to AmCan, it’s a bottling place owned by Coca Cola and they made Powerade, Vitamin Water, Fuse, and some canned and bottled Minute Maid stuff.

What my job was to unwrap a pallet of one flavor (there are 3 different pallets of drinks), then unwrap the case of drinks and send it up the conveyor belt. Then the person at the end of the belt takes a couple of drinks and puts it into another case of the other flavors making a Variety pack. So far I’ve only dealt with Powerade and Fuse. It’s nice when we pack powerade because it gets tiring and hot and in the break room, there are defected bottles of the stuff but they’re still good to drink. Anyways I kinda don’t like it but I don’t have a choice and im going to stay until I find a better job. Although I took a test to become a Machine Operator and passed. So now, I was offered a full time position and I make 10.50 an hr and work 40 hrs a week, plus i get paid every friday. So for now this is ok, but i’ll be on the hunt for a better job.

Other stuff…

Me and Joanna’s anniversary was on April 2nd and I thought it went OK. She had to work at 6 so we spent the day together. When she came over we ate at Red Lobster and got the Cajun Chicken Pasta. I think it’s funny that we go to Red Lobster and we don’t like seafood. After we ate, we watched “How to Train Your Dragon” in 3D which was a really good movie and recommend it to everyone. Then she left to go to work.

The next day, I went to Wonder con with my friend Christine and we weren’t going to be there for long because she had to work in the afternoon. We took BART and got our passes there. We went to the Esplanade to watch the pilot episode of “Happy Town” (It’s not so happy) and then wait for the Disney Pictures Panel. First up was “Prince of Persia” and then Jerry Bruckheimer came out. Then the creator of the game and Jake Gyllenhaal came out. Talked about the movie and stuff then they showed a cool scene.

Jerry Bruckheimer stayed to talk about “The Sorcerers Apprentice“. The cast came out and they talked about it and showed some scenes. Finally John Ratzenburger came out to talk about Pixar and then Lee Unkrinch (Director) talked about “Toy Story 3“. After talking about the movie, the voice actors came on stage and did a live reading. It was really cool. After that we walked around the Dealers room so Christine can find stuff. Then we went to the mall by the Metreon and Got some gourmet hot dogs. I had a Kobe beef sausage with garlic fries and it was hella good. For an early birthday present, she paid for everything for me. We took BART and then we left to go home.

Saw this while waiting for BART and it made me Laugh

Joanna picked me up in the morning and we met up with everyone and drove to Stinson beach. We drove to Highway 1 to get to Stinson and I always like driving on Highway 1 because it looks so cool. We get there and find a nice place to lay our stuff down. My friend made a homemade swimsuit and Christine and I went Boogie boarding. It was my first time and I guess I did ok. The water was really REALLY cold. It took about 10 minutes before I went all the way in the water. It was nice. I saw other people in those scuba suit thingys and all I had were trunks lol. Later we got some food and ice cream and we all went on a hike. It was cool and then once we got back to Pinole, we went to Ihop for dinner.

On April 16th was my 24th birthday and in morning I went to school and then Joanna picked me up. We went to Ihop for breakfast and then watched “Kick Ass” (which was hella good). After the movie, we walked around the mall and did some shopping. Later we went back to my house and then met up with my family to go to Chili’s. I got the Dry Rub Ribs and they were good. After dinner, we picked up my friend Osman to go bowling (His birthday was the next day). Apparently Joanna was planning a surprise party with Osman’s cousin. When we got there, we went upstairs and May, Patrick and Lovella surprised us with a cupcake-cake with a dragon on the icing.We ate and talked and then we played some pool for an hour. Since it was friday, It was glow-and-bowl and I told everyone we should go down there and get in line, but everyone said we don’t have to. Later Christine showed up and like I said earlier, it was too late to get in line for bowling because the line was too long. So instead, we played some arcade games and talked. It was about 2am till we left and that was it. I didn’t really get any presents. Mostly money which is fine. I bought my own presents but Joanna’s present hasn’t gotten to me yet.

On April 24th, Joanna took me to another country concert. It was for Brooks and Dunn and thia is thier last tour together.

On our way to Mountain View, we decided to go to the Great Mall to go eat. We went to Sbarros and I got a Stuffed Pizza which was hella good and it looks bad for you too. After we ate we walked around a bit and headed to the concert. Little did we know, there was HELLA TRAFFIC!!! It took an hour to go two or three miles. The exit we needed to take was 2 exits away. People were driving on the right side shoulder and there was a cop that pulled over someone and they didnt do anything about the other drivers. Joanna needed to go to the bathroom so after 30 minutes waiting to exit, she went and I found another route to get to the concert which had traffic too.

The Concert started at 7:30 and it was already 8 and we haven’t even parked yet.  They made us park 3 blocks away in a parking lot of a Google building. By the Time we got there we missed Jason Aldean and I didn’t care about him anyway. Joanna bought a shirt and then we went to our seats. We were really close, 13 rows away from the stage. I haven’t heard of these guys until that day and it was cool. I wasn’t that uncomfortable being surrounded by thousands of white cowboys because of the Toby Keith Concert we went to the year prior. Overall I had fun and it was cool.