2010 So Far… ( As of 02/28/10 ) UPDATED

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been noticing everyone updating their blogs. Since I have neglected mine, here is whats been happening so far this year.


On January 13th was my sisters 25th birthday. This would be her last birthday in California before she moves to Whidbey Island in Washington. She wanted to go to Fenton’s Creamery in Vacaville. So there was a lot of us there and it was cool hanging out with everyone and here are some pics. By the way these pics via Beth.

Siblings except Mikey

Everyone who went

A big ass sundae they shared

Since she always decorated cakes, I decided to make her a cake of her own. I made a cake of her favorite animal, the alligator (I don’t know why it’s her favorite).¬† So here it is.

Later that month, Brian had come home for a little bit so they can everything packed up and ready to go to WA. So everyone decided to go to McCovey’s in Walnut Creek (Cool SF Giants themed bar and grill). Anyways here are some more pics of that.


All of us who went

After dinner, we all walked down a block or two and went to the San Francisco Creamery. This would be a good place for dessert but the main reason we went there was for the “Kitchen Sink”. It’s a small kitchen sink they custom made and they but 8 big ass scoops of ice cream, 8 servings of toppings and whipped cream. They have a challenge where you have to eat all of it BY YOURSELF IN 30 MINUTES! Even all the stuff that melted on the platter!!! WHAT?!?!?!? Crazy… but we weren’t there to challenge the sink. Anyways, here are some more pics! (Pics via Katrina’s blog)

Outside The San Francisco Creamery

The Kitchen Sink

The show Man VS Food was here and Adam Richman beat The Kitchen Sink challenge. I was happy enough with my Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Shake. Everyone finished their sundaes and stuff and about¬† the Kitchen Sink was empty. Once we were done with the creamery We all went to Beth’s house and played Taboo. The next day my mom, sam and myself went to see them off to Washington.


On the 12th was Joanna’s birthday. So I’ve been sorta planning a surprise party, but I let my other friend take control of the planning. Too bad it wasn’t really a surprise because it was at her moms house and she lives in front of a school. When we got there she could her the kids. Anyway her are some pics (via Robin)

Getting ready to blow the candles.

So far it the people who came was Christine, Robin, Nikki, Osman, May, and then Joanna and me. Later we went to Emeryville to get some dinner. We went to Bay Street where all the shopping is. All of us went to Pasta Pomodoro and it was good. Osman had to pick up his cousin May and then they ate at Pizza My Heart (Hella good pizza) While everyone else walked around and did some window shopping. Later we all watched Valentines day and it was a good movie. After that, we all said bye and went home.

Just Hanging out

The next day was a party for Nick’s 3rd birthday and Laci’s 1st birthday. It was cool. We were all hanging out and had some food. Joanna came later and then a bunch of us played Monopoly Deal which is really cool.


Then the next day was Valentines Day. Joanna had to open so I was working on a few things for her when she came over. First off, she said she was really hungry so I surprised her with a dinner at Johnny Carinos. We got some Italian Nachos which are DA BOMB. for our entree we got a family platter of Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.

When we got back, I gave her a BUNCH of stuff.

First the flowers
(I look like such a nerd in this picture lol)

Next the Cheesecake I helped make

and finally… jewelry and A LOT of Chocolate!

Then on the 22nd was my little sisters birthday. She turned 13 and what she wanted to do is go to Vacaville and eat at this Japanese place called “Little Mad Fish”. It was good and my family and my grandma went.
So far I think that’s it for now.