Holiday Season 2009

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since my last post but I wanted to get this started before I post a lot of stuff from CES so here goes.



First off I went to Joanna’s house for a Thanksgiving lunch which was nice. We were watching some football and then ate and it was good. Her dad is a really good cook, and when he makes dry ribs, it was hella good. Later that night Me and my family went to Beth’s house and met everyone there and had a good time. We even had some relatives from LA come up to see this. Here are some pics.

Here’s all the food and me ruining the picture.

Me, Jasmine, Jacqueline, and Jake playing Trouble

Me near the end of the day

Didn’t do any Black Friday stuff so I just slept in the next day



Christmas was cool this year, although I did a lot of my shopping last minute which sucked. It was held at my other cousins house. Everyone was there and I brought along Joanna too. For Christmas I got:

  • Uncharted 2:Among Thieves for PlayStation 3
  • 5 Marc Ecko Star Wars T-Shirts which was cool
  • A Darth Maul Marc Ecko Sweater hoodie
  • Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter Lego set (Took an hour to build)
  • Some money and a snickers bar.

Here are some pics of what I got.

Yeah, I like Star Wars. As a tradition, whenever everyone unwraps all their presents, we get all the wrappers and make balls out of them and have the wrapping paper war. Here are the pics of that crazy thing…

Here are some more pictures of Christmas.

Me wearing my “sweater vest” t shirt

Here is me in my nice shirt and Joanna lookin pretty

Here is all of the cousins (except for Beth)


New Years Eve

For New Years Eve, we went to Beths house and there was some cool stuff going on there, Erwin brought over DJ Hero. I’ve been wanting to play more of it and I thought it was awesome, but not worth $120. We all watched and played that for an hour and then we counted down the new year. Then after people left, it was Beth, Dustin, Leslee, Erwin, Jasmine, Joanna and myself and we played this game. It was like Cranium or something and it was fun. It was Men vs Women, plus Dustin and Erwin have been drinking some wine… It was fun and all but we lost. Here are some pics.

Chillin watching people play DJ Hero

My turn playing DJ Hero in my DJ Mode


We were supposed to go to Las Vegas this weekend for CES but we can’t go. So i’ll be  back to show some cool new stuff later. But they have shown off some really cool stuff like this Laptop.

Via By Mark Wilson

It’s only a proof of concept, but this is laptop with a clear OLED screen—but a stone’s throw from those floating 3D displays of Avatar. Practical? Not necessarily. The future? OBVIOUSLY.

The resolution, I don’t know. It’s pixely, but let’s not quibble.You see right through the thing, then something appears on the screen (like a white background), and you can’t see through it anymore.

Are you processing this? No, you can’t be. It’s only 2010. Man wasn’t prepared for this kind of technology yet. The brain hasn’t evolved enough. We’re primates. Squirrels. Slugs.

Maybe in 100 or 200 years, the great artists of the world will reflect on what’s happened today and make some sort of sense of it all. Until then, we’ll just keep on breathing, in, out. Until then, we’ll weep.

Transparent OLED Screen