Halloween ’09 and Katrina’s Baby

This Halloween Me an Joanna dressed up as Toy Story 2 characters. I dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Joanna dressed up as Jessie. By the way everyone asks why I didn’t dress up as woody. Well; Woody and Jessie aren’t dating, Woody has Bo-Peep and Buzz has Jessie (End of Toy Story 2)

Here are some pics:

IMG_0050 IMG_0052

Left to right (name-character)
Jake-Grumpy, Erwin-Diego, Dustin-Mad Hatter, Jaime-Rock person?, Joston-Dancing with the stars contestant, and Me


Joanna-Jessie, Sam-Queen of Hearts, Jacqueline-Snow White, Anna-Dancing with the stars contestant, Beth-White Rabbit, Leslee-Dora, and the little kids
Right before Halloween my cousin had a baby. His name is Luke Aaron Roses Berry. Born 10/25/09, 8lbs 15.5oz, 22.4 inches, 14.5 head diameter. Here is a pic of him and me goofing around in the waiting room.




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