Kings vs Warriors game and “UP” dvd/blu-ray release party

My friend Osman called me and said he got some free tickets to the Sacramento Kings game vs the Golden State Warriors. It was Osman, Mai, and his little brother and myself. We got some decent seats, so I checked the tickets and they were worth $90 each. CRAZY! but it was all good. We were seated with a bunch of Warriors fans and so we all rooted for the Warriors but they lost anyways. Here are some pics I took:




This past Tuesday was the release date for Pixar’s new movie UP. To celebrate, they had an official release party at Fenton’s Creamery (Russel’s favorite ice cream shop). It was held at Fenton’s in Oakland. Joanna and myself went a little early. we were hungry so we went to IKEA for some food that was really good and REALLY cheap.IMG_0065
All this food for $15!


The party didn’t start till 5pm but we got there at 3:45pm and we were lucky enough to get a parking spot in their lot (which had only like 14 spaces).  Since we were there so early, I felt we needed to buy something to at least show that we’re customers. So we got some Mozzarella sticks. While we were waiting, they had this crew put balloons on all the seats and This radio station came too.

IMG_0081This was before everyone showed up…

And this was after the line to get in was going out the door…

After the party started we ordered a special sundae called “The Spirit of Adventure Sundae” which was only available that night. Here is a pic of the Menu for it…


My mom, brother, little sister, Joston and Anna showed up later on. Some of them ordered the same thing. We were the first ones there and nobody told us anything. Apparently some Pixar people were in the backroom and the line for that was crazy long. So once we were done we got in line for about 30 minutes. There were two guys, The one we met was  the Production Designer Randy Nierva. He asked us what we wanted him to draw and we got some cool stuff. Here are the pictures…
IMG_0091 IMG_0090
Awesome right?!

After that we left and the line to get in was really long. We went back home and that was it. Here are some more pictures


Before everyone showed up…

After everyone showed up…

IMG_0085 IMG_0086


I thought this was going to be bigger…


Halloween ’09 and Katrina’s Baby

This Halloween Me an Joanna dressed up as Toy Story 2 characters. I dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Joanna dressed up as Jessie. By the way everyone asks why I didn’t dress up as woody. Well; Woody and Jessie aren’t dating, Woody has Bo-Peep and Buzz has Jessie (End of Toy Story 2)

Here are some pics:

IMG_0050 IMG_0052

Left to right (name-character)
Jake-Grumpy, Erwin-Diego, Dustin-Mad Hatter, Jaime-Rock person?, Joston-Dancing with the stars contestant, and Me


Joanna-Jessie, Sam-Queen of Hearts, Jacqueline-Snow White, Anna-Dancing with the stars contestant, Beth-White Rabbit, Leslee-Dora, and the little kids
Right before Halloween my cousin had a baby. His name is Luke Aaron Roses Berry. Born 10/25/09, 8lbs 15.5oz, 22.4 inches, 14.5 head diameter. Here is a pic of him and me goofing around in the waiting room.



Disney Symphony

Last month I went to San Francisco with Joanna to see the S.F. Symphony play some Disney songs. This concert was to celebrate the opening of the Walt Disney Museum (Which I haven’t been to yet 😦  damn).  We took BART there and it was cool. Walked around before the symphony started and took some pictures.

IMG_0032 IMG_0022

IMG_0020 IMG_0025

IMG_0028 IMG_0029

We met up with Jacqueline and Jake and then we took our seats with one minute to spare.

The orchestra was great. this is the set list they played:

– Overture to William Tell – Rossini
– Waltz from The Sleeping Beauty, Opus 66 – Tchaikovsky
– A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella – Hoffman/Livingston
– Some Day My Prince Will Come from Snow White – Churchill/Morey arr. Bishop
– Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Opus 68 Pastoral – Beethoven (From Fantasia)


A Night on Bald Mountain – Mussorgsky
March of the Dwarfs from Lyric Suite – Grieg
Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) from Mary Poppins – Sherman
When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio –  Harline/Washington
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Dukas

They had this Singer who was a Soprano.  She is a good singer, but not when it comes to Disney songs. I really had a problem with it. During Intermission, we all went to the bathroom and took some pictures on the balcony outside. After the concert was over we all went to McCovey’s in Walnut Creek to mee up with Jasmine and Brian. The Kitchen was closed so Jasmine and Brian went home while we went to Denny’s. Then went home after that