Stuff That Happened In LA.

Ok So about two weeks ago, I went to “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and it was pretty cool. The show is shot on the Warner Bros Studios Lot. This was one of the main reasons why I went to this, just to go on the lot without paying anything, plus I guess being on TV for 10 seconds wasn’t that bad

We got there SUPER early. We were like the 4th people there that were not the “Stand By” ticket holders. It was cool to be near the Warner Bros Studios. On the way there, we saw this awesome mural on a side of their buildings that had a bunch of DC Comics Superheros, like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman etc.

After a long time of waiting, we finally were on our way inside the studio. Once we got checked by security, he had to wait for 20 more minutes. Then after that, we were seated and waited again. By the way, It was really cold but I liked it but not everyone did. On the email that my sister got, it said no T-Shirts so I wore a nice blue dress shirt, but they let in like four guys with t-shirts so that got me a little mad. Anyways, while we were waiting on the set, I guess it was the floor manager and he was keeping us entertained and telling us stuff that we’re supposed to do during the show. Throughout the whole show, we were clapping… ALOT! We were only halfway and my hands started to hurt from everything.

After the show was over everyone got their free CD from Brad Paisley who performed on the show. We all went to the Employee Store which was pretty cool. It had it’s own Jamba Juice and Starbucks inside. My brother bought “Band of Brothers” on Blu-ray for $40 which isn’t bad at all. Then we left the store. We took a ride on a big golf cart to and from the store and the driver took us on a mini tour and telling us stuff on the way. We passed by a couple of sets for “ER”, “The Mentalist”, and “Chuck” which was pretty cool because we actually saw them. Chuck was messing around the the golf cart and the main lady was off on the side. Actually I was more interested about the car I saw. It was the new Nissan GT-R that they used on the show. I was pretty sure they used it on the show because the license plate said “NRD HERD”

Other stuff happened that weekend but not that important. WAIT! There was something! My sister found a glitch online and we got two nights at a Hilton Garden Inn for $20 instead of the usual $130 a night! Yeah I know right?!  Anyways, one night most of us were sleeping and then we hear high pitch tones and emergency lights from in the room. We all reluctantly woke up around 4am and we smell smoke. So we sorta get dressed to see what was going on. Apparently Mostly all of the double doors were closed and so I wander around to see whats up (Our room is on the first floor). Strong smells of smoke in the hallway but not outside. We were told that the smoke was actually coming from a microwave that someone wasn’t keeping an eye one and it caught fire. After telling other people passing by what happened we all tried to go back asleep again, but Jasmine was super pissed, even the next day. So that was LA  I guess.


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