Star Wars In Concert – Sacramento

AWESOME! The concert was really awesome. I went with my friend Osman and his cousin Mai. Osman and I were wearing Star Wars shirts of course. He bought his Yoda backpack and I was going to bring one of my six Lightsabers but decided not too. I just wasn’t sure if they’ll let it in. Anyways, after and hour of traffic we arrive at the Arco Arena. We get there around 40 minutes to showtime. We located the exhibits and it was awesome! I couldn’t get any pictures of my own so here are some pictures that other people took.

If your one of the few people who read this and want to see more go to the Star Wars Blog’s Flicr page here :

Stage rehearsal

The show was fantastic and the narration by C3-P0 himself Anthony Daniels was breath taking. You can tell he was really into it and the fans loved it. The show was divided into two halves.

The First Halve was music from the Prequel Trilogy (Episodes 1-3). Started off; of course, with the Lucasfilm logo music followed by the main theme. I thought a nice touch was when you first see Anthony Daniels in a black suit jacket with a gold vest. They played songs like “Duel of the Fates”, “Anakin and Padme”, and “Anakin vs. Obi Wan”. For this song especially was pretty cool. What I did not expect was the fire cannons, which added a lot of atmosphere. After an amazing first halve. They let everyone ave a 20 minute intermission. Next they played music from the Original Trilogy (Episodes 4-6). They played some songs like: ” Leia’s Theme”, “The Moisture Farm”, “Cantina Band”, “Imperial March”, and of course they ended with “The Throne Room and End Credits”. It was spectacular. After a long round of applause, they honored us with an encore of the “Imperial March”. This was probably one of my all time favorite concerts I’ve been too. I wanted to buy a shirt but they were $35, so I bought a cool 3D Lenticular Poster instead. Here is a picture of it:

The only thing that sorta bothered me, was the lady sitting next to me. When we sat down, I was expecting a skinny teen or something. The last thing I was expecting was a female Jabba the Hutt. I was kinda dissapointed that I had to sit next to someone like this, but I knew that this is supposed to be a good experience. I gave her as much room as I can and I just wanted the both of us to enjoy the show and at lest be comfortable. I just hope she didn’t think of this as being rude to her. After the concert was over, we wanted to try and take pictures of the exhibits but it was closed off so that was kinda lame. On the way out we saw a lot of nerds with lightsabers fighting in the parking lot so that was kinda cool


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