Just watched some wrestling. (N.A.W)

Just got home a while ago. My friend Ciera lost her brother on August 4th in a car crash. Her brother Jason was a wrestler for the N.A.W. North American Wrestling. He went by the name DJ Rizz. Here is a tribute to Jason on YouTube.

On yesterday on August 16, 2009 was a wrestling event where he was suppose to defend his championship. Instead they let him keep the title and gave the belt to his daughter.

Overall it was a good show. There were more wrestlers there than I would have imagined. There wer some funny and cool people like “El Chupracabra”, “Plinko”, “Hellfire”, “Shiek” and by my surprise “Gangrel”. You may remember Gangrel from the W.W.E.  yeah! When I saw him walking out, my jaw dropped. If you dont remember, but watched wrestling.. heres a reminder

And here are some link to stuff i recorded on my phone



There will be a bigger Memorial show in Modesto on the 23rd. I kinda want to go to that too

Yeah it was really cool. Now I want to go to the WWE shows…


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