Disney’s The Princess and the Frog

I’m sure many of us remember the days when Disney Studios released a new movie. When it was either “Alice in Wonderland”, “Aladdin”, or “Hercules”. When PIXAR came onto the scene, it was a game-changer. Suddenly CG (computer graphic) films was going to be the future. Dreamworks Pictures followed this trend and eventually the Disney Animation Studios did this too. After pictures with less than worthy grosses like “Home on the Range” and “Meet the Robinsons” Disney has gone back to its roots with hand-drawn animation with their new film “The Princess and the Frog”. Check out the trailer below.

Also check out this short featurette about the movie’s villain.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The only bad thing that I can think of is if “‘The Princess and the Frog” will treat black people the same way that “Pocahontas” treated Native Americans.


District 9… WAS AWESOME!!!

There have been alot of Sci Fi movies that have been sequels or prequels or based on a different source of material (Games, Comics etc…). But District 9 is based on a original short made by the same director. Here is the short.

This movie was spectacular. The beginning was kinda slow but thats only because they have to build up the character and show you what his life is like and how things change throughout the film. You need this kind of relationship with the main person in order to see it through his eyes.

So far the movie was made with a budget of $30 million, and the box office gross right now is around $40 milion and only on it’s 3rd day. I highly recommend everyone watch this movie as it is my favorite movie of this year by far

Just watched some wrestling. (N.A.W)

Just got home a while ago. My friend Ciera lost her brother on August 4th in a car crash. Her brother Jason was a wrestler for the N.A.W. North American Wrestling. He went by the name DJ Rizz. Here is a tribute to Jason on YouTube.

On yesterday on August 16, 2009 was a wrestling event where he was suppose to defend his championship. Instead they let him keep the title and gave the belt to his daughter.

Overall it was a good show. There were more wrestlers there than I would have imagined. There wer some funny and cool people like “El Chupracabra”, “Plinko”, “Hellfire”, “Shiek” and by my surprise “Gangrel”. You may remember Gangrel from the W.W.E.  yeah! When I saw him walking out, my jaw dropped. If you dont remember, but watched wrestling.. heres a reminder

And here are some link to stuff i recorded on my phone



There will be a bigger Memorial show in Modesto on the 23rd. I kinda want to go to that too

Yeah it was really cool. Now I want to go to the WWE shows…

New Kitten

Earlier this morning my dad called the house and said he wants to bring home this grey 3 week old baby kitten. My mom said no and I didn’t want it either, we really dont have time for a baby kitten. Later on, my mom knocks on my door with the baby kitten.

Here a link to a video http://www.twitvid.com/E267C

and here is a pic of the kitten

I went to Pet Club and bought some milk replacement, a bottle, and a chew toy. I dont know if were going to keep it or not but we will see. Actually if anyone wants it, tell me and i’ll see if were going to keep it or not. Continue reading

YouTube Pick of the Month

Gabriel Iglesias… Heard of him? Well you should have. Funny stand up comedian and he posted a new video on his Youtube. Check it out

A practical joke my friend Martin and I played on another comedian named G Reily when we sent a racist gift basket to his hotel room. SO WRONG but funny 🙂

Went to the Giants game and I got a free flight from Virgin America

I went to a Giants game on Aug. 8th with Joanna and my sisters. It was Virgin America day and they were giving out these free flight vouchers that let me bring a friend for free on any Virgin America flight.

They had a concert there on this Virgin America float thingy but i think we just missed it because they were packing it up.

Joanna and me got different tickets from my sisters. They were seating in the Club level while Joanna and me got these View box seats. This was our view of the field

These weren’t bad seats, except it was crazy hot. Joanna and I was burning. I can’t stand the heat and every 2 innings I had to get up and go somewhere there was a lot of wind to cool off. My sisters were asses and they kept texting me they were sitting in the shade and was cold the whole time. If they were cold they could switch seats with us.

I also wanted this Pablo “Panda” Sandoval tshirt and I got Jasmine to buy it for me. I think it’s pretty cool. Now I just have to pay her $30 for it.

But it was a good day, we won and that was it.

Oh yeah, this is random but I dont think alot of people have seen this. I was at the mall with my sister and we were walking out of JC Penny when this guy wearing a Blue sombrero, cycle shorts, and a UPS bicycle tank top was walking past us.  I couldnt believe my eyes so I had to follow him and get his picture. So here it is. Voila!